This and That for Containers

June 3, 2011

Add some personality to your containers. Mix up leaf color and textures. The greens make a great backdrop for your flowering plants. Combine plants that have the same water and light needs for best performance. And if you are using terra cotta pots, remember to keep them well watered. The faux clay containers hold moisture longer.  The lime green pot in the photo is home to a fiber optic grass, purple palace coral bells, purple pentas and a sedum stonecrop ogon.

Healthy Pets and Garden Product Awareness

June 1, 2011

keep'em howling

There are some garden products that may pose health issues for your dog. Forget about using cocoa mulch — it’s a by-product of chocolate. And we all know “no chocolate for dogs!”

Some dogs may have interest in blood and bone meal for obvious reasons. If a dog ingests too much of these products can they cause some serious gastro issues — vomiting, obstructions, diarrhea. Plant fertilizers may contain disulfoton. This chemical can be  toxic to pets.

Source: moderndog magazine, spring 2011

Brookland House/Garden Tour Washington DC – June 5

May 20, 2011

Oh the neighborhood is so inviting.  Show your support for the Brookland Garden Club! Tour tickets are 10.00 and you can buy them at Petals, Ribbons & Beyond, 3906 12th Street, NW.  For more tour information, call 202-636-2048.

If you can’t make the tour, brighten your day and mood with a stroll through the gardens at the Franciscan Monastery . If you have a passion for roses, you won’t be disappointed.

The gardens are well planned; so a visit any time of year would be interesting. Wear walking shoes if you want to explore the shade gardens. There is a fairly steep hill to get to the lower beds.

Peek inside the monastery or hook up with one of their guided tours.

Think Again on the Lawn

May 16, 2011

Generally, May through June are ideal times to fertilize your lawn. This year, give some thought (and do some research) to the lawn products used and where the chemicals eventually end up.  Our bodies, fish and wildlife will thank you for caring to be selective.

Goodbye to Rhodo Blooms

May 14, 2011

If your rhodo blooms are done, go ahead and snap off the dead blossoms. I’ve always enjoyed this garden chore. They just snap right off and I feel oh so garden-y.

Difficult to decide if more rewarding to deadhead the rhodos or go after the day lily stalks when they are dry! Lucky if you get to do both — a well designed garden, I’d say.

Dead heading promotes more blooms for coming seasons!

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