Happy Together

July 25, 2011

What a combination of greens. I wish my vegetable garden looked so good.

Ranch or vinagrette!

Garden of Kitchen Delights

June 12, 2011

My lunch at the Blue Duck Tavern (blueducktavern.com) filled my senses. While sitting at an outside cafe in the middle of  busy Washington, D. C. , I dined surrounded by a lovely potager. Growing willfully before the summer heat takes it’s toll: sage, tomatoes, fennel. strawberries, rosemary and more.

My waiter says the kitchen garden was planted by the chef and staff. And it’s enough to last one day for the busy hotel restaurant. If herbs aren’t your thing, take in the gorgeous shrubs and trees surrounding the sunken garden while you sip a cool drink.

This and That for Containers

June 3, 2011

Add some personality to your containers. Mix up leaf color and textures. The greens make a great backdrop for your flowering plants. Combine plants that have the same water and light needs for best performance. And if you are using terra cotta pots, remember to keep them well watered. The faux clay containers hold moisture longer.  The lime green pot in the photo is home to a fiber optic grass, purple palace coral bells, purple pentas and a sedum stonecrop ogon.

My Philosophy

I am dedicated to enhancing the beauty of nature: designing a landscape that achieves an outdoor experience beyond your expectations.