Deicing Chemicals Can Damage Plants and Paws

December 20, 2009

Alternatives to deicer products — try play sand, kitty litter or ashes to improve traction on your icy walk or drive.  Don’t use fertilizer to melt ice or snow! Plant damage caused by deicers can often be treated by soaking the plant area with 1-inch applications of water three to four times in the spring.

If you do use a deicing product, deice carefully. Follow the product directions and try using less than what is recommended.

If your pets enjoy the outside, you may want to set up an area inside to rinse their paws.  Warm water helps to remove salts and other harsh chemicals used on the snowy roads during the winter months.

Poinsettias Not Toxic

December 20, 2009

It’s a myth. Poinsettias leaves are not poisonous. That’s the consensus of government agencies, health centers, veterinary and plant and flower organizations. Poinsettias are not toxic and do not pose a health threat to children or pets. If ingested in a large quantity, the leaves may cause stomach upset or mild diarrhea.

The plant was named for amateur botanist and gardener, Joel Roberts Poinsett (1779-1851) who first saw the shrub in Mexico.

It was shown at the Philadelphia Flower Show in 1829.

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