The Challenges of Urban Parks

September 20, 2010

“Centrally located and accessible parks should appeal to many classes of people, …. ” writes author Sarah Williams Goldhagen in Park Here, (September 2010,   The New Republic).  In the article, she presents some of the various design challenges of recent urban park projects in New York, Chicago and St. Louis.  “Only in such urban places can different people bump against one another unintentionally and — one hopes — thereby come to appreciate the company of strangers and the otherness in themselves. Successful urban parks are a real design and economic challenge for all those involved.

She continues, ” …  the great urban park must not be so large that inside it one loses a sense of the city. …  Over the course of a given year, many different activities and events happen there — concerts, rallies, festivals, fairs.”

Landscape projects whether large or small in scale offer challenges for all involved.

Amaizing Corn!

September 12, 2010

Eat it at the movies, hang it on your door, slather it with butter and salt.

Corn is really kind of sexy, you know? The ear is the female flower? The tassel is the male flower. Tassels can produce up to a million pollen grains and the fine thread-like silks emerge from the top end of the husk for pollination. Pollination is achieved by gravity and wind. The ovaries are produced in rows (unbelievable) along the corn cob.  And — after fertilization — they develop into kernels.  What more can I say?

Do you want one ear or two?

Grass is Not Always Greener

September 11, 2010

Fall and spring are the best seasons to reseed your lawn or fill in bare or weak lawn areas. Before you reseed, if the ground is too dry and difficult to be penetrated, water the lawn a few days in advance of the laying the seeds down.  It is important to keep the seeds moist until they seed. Then water every few days until sprouts a about 1 1/2 high.

When you reseed, consider using an all purpose fertilizer at the same time. One brand, Milorganite 6-2- 0, is a product that uses organic nitrogen as the base. It’s safe for turf and plants. Plus, it doesn’t burn!

My Philosophy

I am dedicated to enhancing the beauty of nature: designing a landscape that achieves an outdoor experience beyond your expectations.