Fill Your Garden Wagon

April 11, 2011

April 14, 15 and 16  head over to River Farms in Northern Virginia. Plants, shrubs, garden supplies, art and more at the Annual Spring Garden market hosted by the American Horticultural Society. Call 703-768-5700 or for more information.  While you are there, allow time to visit their gardens and the Estate house.

Not Just Another Pretty Face

April 9, 2011

The landscape industry generally focuses on the sensual aspects of trees and plants.  We rarely think about the environmental benefits of plants. Yes, looking at plants can  increase positive feelings and reduce fear and anger.

But, another important feature to consider is properly selected and placed plantings:

  • Absorb sound waves and can significantly reduce unwanted “noise pollution”
  • Trap and filter dust and other pollutants out of rainwater.
  • Help remove low levels of chemicals such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from indoor environments.
  • Reduce soil erosion, filter pollutants and reduce downstream flooding

Now, that’s what I call a day’s work.

Feel Better, Look Younger

April 4, 2011

Give the outdoor gym a chance this spring.  And there are no initiation fees to pay!

  • You can burn as many calories in 45 minutes of gardening as in 30 minutes of aerobics.
  • Women 50+ who garden at least once a week had higher bone density scans than those who walked, jogged or swam.
  • One hour of weeding burns 300 calories.
  • A manual push mower burns 500 calories an hour (the same rate as playing tennis).

My Philosophy

I am dedicated to enhancing the beauty of nature: designing a landscape that achieves an outdoor experience beyond your expectations.