High Line Garden in NYC

June 27, 2011

The NYC 1930’s rail transport line was saved from the wrecking ball and reinvented as the High Line Garden. The garden design was inspired by the native plants that once grew on the old line before it was transformed. Many people worked together to revitalize this public space. The details of removing toxins from the old tracks, installing proper irrigation, selecting plants that could survive without deep soil conditions were some of the challenges they faced. The first section opened in June 2009 (Gansevoort St to W. 30th St, NYC, NY).

The High Line offers a garden stroll 30′ above the ground passing lawn areas, trees, butterfly gardens, sculpture and benches. Plus, terrific views of the neighborhood.

Green Grass of Home

June 14, 2011

When it comes to watering  and making sure your grass gets just enough H2O —  water deeply and infrequently. This approach enables the grass to develop deep roots to make it stronger. And therefore, it’s not as affected by temporary drought conditions.

I suggest using a sprinkler the shoots water horizontally across the lawn area.  While you are out there, go ahead, run through it a few times. It feels so good!

Garden of Kitchen Delights

June 12, 2011

My lunch at the Blue Duck Tavern (blueducktavern.com) filled my senses. While sitting at an outside cafe in the middle of  busy Washington, D. C. , I dined surrounded by a lovely potager. Growing willfully before the summer heat takes it’s toll: sage, tomatoes, fennel. strawberries, rosemary and more.

My waiter says the kitchen garden was planted by the chef and staff. And it’s enough to last one day for the busy hotel restaurant. If herbs aren’t your thing, take in the gorgeous shrubs and trees surrounding the sunken garden while you sip a cool drink.

This and That for Containers

June 3, 2011

Add some personality to your containers. Mix up leaf color and textures. The greens make a great backdrop for your flowering plants. Combine plants that have the same water and light needs for best performance. And if you are using terra cotta pots, remember to keep them well watered. The faux clay containers hold moisture longer.  The lime green pot in the photo is home to a fiber optic grass, purple palace coral bells, purple pentas and a sedum stonecrop ogon.

Healthy Pets and Garden Product Awareness

June 1, 2011

keep'em howling

There are some garden products that may pose health issues for your dog. Forget about using cocoa mulch — it’s a by-product of chocolate. And we all know “no chocolate for dogs!”

Some dogs may have interest in blood and bone meal for obvious reasons. If a dog ingests too much of these products can they cause some serious gastro issues — vomiting, obstructions, diarrhea. Plant fertilizers may contain disulfoton. This chemical can be  toxic to pets.

Source: moderndog magazine, spring 2011

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