Hurricane Irene On Her Way

August 26, 2011

With heavy rain and wind on its way this weekend, if you live in the storm’s path, here are some landscaping precautions. It is expected the winds and rain will be coming from the northeast. So, trees and sections of your yard in this direction will be at the highest risk.

Clear drains with garden hose to remove any soil or debris that may have built up over the summer.  Place bags of mulch, top soil or other bagged material around vulnerable window wells — to direct water away from the house.  Place light weight outdoor furniture, garden art and umbrellas inside. Pull other furniture and the outdoor grill near the house and under roof overhang.

My mom always put pots filled with water on the counter. It seemed to make us all feel better. Have a safe weekend.


Did Recent Virginia Earthquake Help Break Up the Soil?

August 25, 2011

Good question. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer. As far as I can tell, the soil’s surface in areas around Arlington, VA remain intact. But I suspect it gave the underground critters quite a start. I know my table was a moving around on its own like a Ouiji board.

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