For nature lovers in the metro Washington, DC area — head to Battle Creek Cypress Swamp in Calvert County, Maryland.  The nature sanctuary has a boardwalk that winds through the swamp — so everyone gets a good look at trees possibly over 1,000 years old.  And all those knees (cypress tree roots) rising out of the swamp should give your kids plenty to talk about at school.  They’ll see knees in all different sizes. If they get bored looking at trees, there is a good chance they’ll see some interesting birds, frogs, flying squirrels and …

As an added bonus, if you head out before the summer months, your visit will be mosquito-free!

My fascination with cypress trees started a long while back. As a kid growing up in northern Florida, I got to see plenty of swamps with cypress. Guess it’s just something that has stayed with me. Another one of Nature’s wonders.

Calvert County is at the northernmost natural range of bald cypress trees in the United States.


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