Heavy snow cover on trees and shrubs can damage valuable landscaping by breaking limbs and pulling down branches. Protect your investment by clearing snow from your plants. Lifting the weight of the snow is sometimes enough to allow plants to spring back to their upright position! Read my earlier Post on best methods for removing snow, January 8, Snow and Ice Removal from Shrubs. Home and business owners should be aware of  another potential problem!  Foundation plantings are in harm’s way when snow on your roof begins to melt and crash to the ground.

After a heavy winter of snow, expect your spring clean up to include careful pruning of damaged plants. It may include removal of plants and trees too damaged to be saved. It’s an opportunity to revitalize your landscaping. Contact a reliable landscape designer for advice on plant care and design considerations.

On the positive side, birds and other wildlife benefit from exposed plantings. You have increased their options for food and shelter. Thank you, thank you.


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