If you still have moderate weather with warm days and cool nights, go ahead and add […]
This weekend, why not divide a few plants — such as day lilies, iris, and hostas? […]
With heavy rain and wind on its way this weekend, if you live in the storm’s […]
Good question. Unfortunately I don’t have an answer. As far as I can tell, the soil’s […]
What a combination of greens. I wish my vegetable garden looked so good. Ranch or vinagrette!
I saw this vertical herb garden at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden in Boothbay, Maine a […]
The NYC 1930’s rail transport line was saved from the wrecking ball and reinvented as the High Line Garden. The […]
When it comes to watering  and making sure your grass gets just enough H2O —  water […]
My lunch at the Blue Duck Tavern (blueducktavern.com) filled my senses. While sitting at an outside […]
Add some personality to your containers. Mix up leaf color and textures. The greens make a […]