Bracelets, Mirrors, Rocks 2006 037Inspired and Humbled by Nature leaf Ammonites appeared during the Silurian Period about 435 million to 410 million years ago. They were abundant in the seas of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. They are extinct members of the Cephalopod class. Ammonites are related to the modern day nautilus, octopus and squid. The orthoceras was another sea-faring creature living during the same time period.

Many cultures recognized ammonites as symbols of life and death, infinity to zero and the search for the Center — the basis from which to start. Some cultures consider the ammonite to be protective — giving stability and structure to one’s life.

Early civilizations recorded the spiral form of the ammonite knowing it had significance in the meaning of life. One can find references to the spiral shape in Sanskrit (Chakras) and in the culture of the people of China, Pakistan, India, Easter Island, Ireland and the Zuni, Anasazi and Hopi tribes.

In today’s culture, ammonites sometimes symbolize growth, expansion and cosmic energy. The spiral shape is integral for New Age concepts and ideas. The properties of ammonites include stimulus to architects, engineers and those in the field of construction and building of all types of projects.

Fossils captivate and humble me. I am awed by their inherent beauty and age.