Landscape Design Portfolio
My photos are updated periodically to provide examples of recent design challenges and how I resolved the individual issues. The first set of photos are presented as “Before and After.” The thumbnail photos at the bottom are details of larger landscape projects.



This backyard in Washington, D.C. was transformed from a lawn to a four season garden. The arched pebble paths and the climbing ivy and clematis along the fence mimic the Gothic trim design on the front windows. The paths allow easy access to maintain and enjoy the garden.

It’s a fun garden with a formal design filled with color during the summer months. The winter structure is maintained by careful placement of evergreens and liriope.

before after

This homeowner wanted an age-in-place garden she could enjoy in the years to come. As an avid gardener, she wanted beds for propagation,veggies and herbs, a small water feature and paths that allowed easy access.

The walks had just been completed. Next, I had to consider where to relocate her existing peonies, hydrangeas, hostas and day lilies. New plants were purchased to complement the bloom cycle. Evergreens add vertical interest at the back fence. You should see the garden now!



before after

The existing front walk bed was too small for the scale of this home in Oakton,Virginia. To create more of a presence, I designed a larger bed that could accommodate a small tree, evergreen and deciduous shrubs, grasses, perennials and ground cover.



before after



When I met this family they had small children and needed a yard for play. The parent’s wanted a garden like they remembered from their childhood.

Both goals were met with a perimeter bed filled with a variety of plants. A small patio area large enough for a table and chairs was included to serve as a retreat and a focal point in the garden. An evergreen hedge of boxwood at the patio edge serves as an informal division between the patio and garden space.

before after

The park-like setting of this home needed a more gracious front walk. The curved cut flagstone design encourages visitors to meander through the fern, hosta and azalea garden beds as they approach to front door. The drainage was buried under the walk and opens up in a lower garden bed.


before after

Here’s a nice selection of “after” shots. Some of the photos were taken just after the landscaping was installed. Others, were taken a few years later. Notice how the mulched areas recede once the plants and trees have an opportunity to mature.

Oakland Street Front July 2005 003 Branch After Aug 2005 107 Schelegel Aug 2006 004 Tunley After 021 Tanham After Oct 2008 038


de Regt After July 2008 005 Evans Herbs 2008 098 Leff After July 2008 036