In addition to my FossilWear jewelry, here are just a few of the non-landscape design projects I’ve created during the evolution of my business. I never know when inspiration will hit me and I’m on to a new project.

Button Up Artisan Jewelry

The necklaces and bracelets are designed using carefully selected designer and vintage buttons. I spent a lot of time selecting the colors and patterns for the button groups. Each piece is unique — the buttons are wrapped in wire, silk and organza ribbon. Carmen’s gallery in Solomons Island, Maryland has a few of my pieces available for sale.

Fancy Tea Pot Cozy

I do love my cup of green tea! And the tea cozy keeps my teapot warm during any season. I had a great time selecting the fabric. During production for a busy show season, I had to remind myself to take the time to enjoy a pot of tea!

Shade Trees

The decorative Shade Trees add a touch of Provence, France to my kitchen window sill. The colorful miniature lampshades are situated over a moss-covered bed and decorative clay container. Don’t really know how I got this idea — but I am thrilled with the end result. And they are “trees” I never have to water.

Decorative Window Frame

Recycling at its best – I adapted an old window from my vacation house and created a framed wall hanging perfect for my kitchen. The window was refinished using a crackle paint technique and botanical renderings were placed behind each pane. It was a messy project, but the end result was worth it!

Holiday Wreaths

One of four wreath designs created for Nordstrom Giftware departments in Northern Virginia. My version of a classic design uses a generous bow made of red raffia ribbon, realistic red berries and evergreen-like sprays. I made four wreath designs for Nordstrom. It was a busy and festive season. And I got a great kick out of having them select my creations for resale. It was a real honor.