Think Again on the Lawn

May 16, 2011

Generally, May through June are ideal times to fertilize your lawn. This year, give some thought (and do some research) to the lawn products used and where the chemicals eventually end up.  Our bodies, fish and wildlife will thank you for caring to be selective.

Grass is Not Always Greener

September 11, 2010

Fall and spring are the best seasons to reseed your lawn or fill in bare or weak lawn areas. Before you reseed, if the ground is too dry and difficult to be penetrated, water the lawn a few days in advance of the laying the seeds down.  It is important to keep the seeds moist until they seed. Then water every few days until sprouts a about 1 1/2 high.

When you reseed, consider using an all purpose fertilizer at the same time. One brand, Milorganite 6-2- 0, is a product that uses organic nitrogen as the base. It’s safe for turf and plants. Plus, it doesn’t burn!

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