Roses – Prune in the Spring

October 27, 2011

roses in vaseI get a lot of questions about when to prune rose bushes. Of course, it depends on where you live and the type of rose.  But, as a very general statement, “prune roses when the forsythia blooms”.

The hard pruning of old and damaged canes, crossed canes and removal of suckers should take place before new growth begins — and the threat of frost has passed.

Dead-heading of old blooms can take place during the entire bloom cycle. And don’t forget to clip a few for inside enjoyment.

Brookland House/Garden Tour Washington DC – June 5

May 20, 2011

Oh the neighborhood is so inviting.  Show your support for the Brookland Garden Club! Tour tickets are 10.00 and you can buy them at Petals, Ribbons & Beyond, 3906 12th Street, NW.  For more tour information, call 202-636-2048.

If you can’t make the tour, brighten your day and mood with a stroll through the gardens at the Franciscan Monastery . If you have a passion for roses, you won’t be disappointed.

The gardens are well planned; so a visit any time of year would be interesting. Wear walking shoes if you want to explore the shade gardens. There is a fairly steep hill to get to the lower beds.

Peek inside the monastery or hook up with one of their guided tours.

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